e are the rare small agency that tackles video production using in-house resources.  We produce and promote video for traditional commercial broadcast needs as well as for online news releases, product launches, corporate events and short-form documentary. The HolderComm video production team is mobile, we’ve traveled across the country and abroad producing videos for a clients in Germany, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Denver, Austin and San Antonio among others. National and International TV and Film crews also depend on HolderComm for video production – our field production team has works with original content providers including HBO/Cinemax, ESPN, MSNBC and Moscow TV.


Planning, planning, planning… Do you have an idea for a video but just aren’t sure which production values are best? Perhaps you have no idea at all, we get that too. No matter which category you find yourself in HolderComm will work with you from script to screen. We’ll cull through your collateral and pick your brain, it’s a shared experience.


Scripting / Storyboard / Casting / Consulting / Location Scouting



Lights, camera, action! Did someone mention hair and makeup? Calling wardrobe! Hey, this is where the fun begins and even if your company spokesperson is not on camera, you’re always invited along to spend time with us during production. HolderComm’s team of audio, visual and other production professionals have the experience to adjust in the field to whatever conditions may arise. If it’s in our studio then we’ll make sure and have plenty of milk and cookies.


Shooting / Direction / Lighting & Sound / Studio and Location Production



Almost a wrap! Animations, lower thirds and title card talk can usually be heard around our editing bays, but not before you make the call on the final cut. You’re invited to sit in with our team and look at alternate shoots as we thread your narrative in an entertaining and persuasive style. Alternately, we provide distance viewing where you’re only a password away from getting in on the act. We can deliver your movie in any format, get it to the station or post to your website.


Editing / Special Effects / Composition / Presentation